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RockWash™  has successfully developed a unique, patented, automated rock-sample washing and photographic process, enabling its clients to gain a higher level of primary geological information from their well samples.

The RockWash™  process is particularly effective in the rapid cleaning and standardised photo-documentation of ditch-cuttings samples (rock chippings), providing basic, yet fundamental geological data in an easily accessible form. This enhanced sample data in-turn forms the basis for better informed well-bore evaluation and improved selection of subsequent technical services.

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Cuttings samples are collected during drilling operations at great cost and their finite quantity means that these samples have great potential analytical value. RockWash™  Geodata has developed a unique cuttings sample cleaning, preparation and handling service for all types of cuttings samples collected during the oil and gas drilling operations.

The bespoke washing process helps to extract maximum value from a finite resource. Full digital documentation of cuttings and core samples is provided through unique new technologies delivering significant time and cost savings to the industry.

RockWash™  has developed expertise in the collection, washing, preparation and digital documentation of a broad range of sample types across the petroleum producing regions of the world

  • Oil based or water based muds
  • Modern day high temperature high pressure wells with complex drilling fluid
  • Young lithologies from shallow wells and reactive swelling clays
  • Specialist treatment of old desiccated samples.


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