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RockWash™ has developed an innovative method and apparatus (patent approved) for washing and documenting cuttings rock samples from oil & gas wells. This automated and rapid process gives RockWash™ clients the opportunity to capture key lithological, stratigraphic and hole-condition data during the necessary sample cleaning process.

Furthermore, the related PhotoSTRAT™ service enables the delivery of critical litho-stratigraphic data in real-time (well-site based service) or near real-time (laboratory based service) to the client’s desktop. Impressive “green credentials” are central to the RockWash™ method and apparatus. This involves the filtration and recycling of utilised water, together with the recycling of all sediment by-products from the sample washing process.

Critically, RockWash™ provides a consistent cuttings cleaning process, enabling direct observation and documentation of lithological / stratigraphic boundaries in oil & gas wells.

A clean & consistent cuttings PhotoSTRAT – delivered directly to your desktop.

Geophysical and Petrophysical Workflow
PhotoSTRAT™ data provides an invaluable reference and basic information of rock properties to support seismic and petrophysical interpretation and validating mudlog information.
Exploration and Appraisal Wells
PhotoSTRAT™ cuttings image data provides an instantly accessible archive for exploration and appraisal wells for borehole characterisation in non cored sections.

RockWash Core Scanning and Petrographic Slide Scanning Service provides the ideal complement to PhotoSTRAT™ cuttings data to provide complete digital documentation of a well.

Images can be viewed easily and rapidly using RockWash PhotoSTRAT™ software and shared with partners and other stakeholders via the internet.

Sample Screening for other Technical Services
Simple practical use of PhotoSTRAT™ data can save significant time and cost while visiting sample storage facilities. PhotoSTRAT™ data can also be used to screen cuttings samples to make informed selection of samples for further analysis such as stratigraphic, geochemical or sedimentological applications.
Drilling and Engineering Applications
Assessing cuttings quality using RockWash RockSyze analysis can help to evaluate drilling performance and efficiency and impact on well planning. RockSyze data provides a measure of cuttings size and morphology throughout a well section or bit run and can reflect changing formation conditions and drilling conditions.
Stratigraphic Interpretation
PhotoSTRAT™ data can be used for developing type cuttings sections and supporting the picking of formation tops especially when supported with RockWash XRF screening data.

Basic lithological properties such as colour, grain size and texture can be evaluated to and related to formation type and the identification of type sections. The addition of XRF data can add elemental data and inferred mineralogy to further lithological interpretation. PhotoSTRAT™ provides the fundamental stratigraphic building block for the development of lithostratigraphy, biostratigraphy, and chemical stratigraphy.

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