Core and Slide Scanning Service

The RockWash™ core and slide scanning technology with associated compression software allows scanned digital images of core samples and petrographic slides to be captured rapidly and at significantly higher resolution and larger depth of focus than previously achieved.

Core (25 — 150mm) can be scanned either slabbed (scanning the flat planar surface) or full 360° circumference scanning.

• High resolution images core and slides (petrographic and microfossil) can now be scanned at high resolution (0.6 micron / pixel for slides and 40 micron / pixel for core).
• Scaled images can be viewed instantly and rapidly at the desk top at different levels of magnification (x 2 to x 40) via
specialist viewing software.
• Core images are available in plain and UV light while the scanned slide images can be viewed in plain and polarised


Below shows a Normal and Fluorescent view of a sample.

Use the arrow in the centre horizontally to reveal more or less of each image.

The availability of scanned core and thin section images provides geoscientists and management with clear benefits and a low cost dataset that can significantly reduce the geoscientists time and costs required to view core on location. Further benefits include:

• Creating core descriptions and slide interpretations directly from the desk top rather than on location.

• Up to 200m of core scanned per day.

• Rapid screening of whole cores to select intervals for further analytical work.

• Quality control and review of existing core descriptions.

• Technical presentation and illustration of the core to senior management, partners and other interested parties at any location.

• Whole slide view for standard and oversized slides and focused areas are available “on-screen.”

• Provides the opportunity for geoscientists from all levels of an organisation to view and assess core and slide data.


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