Our entire approach is underpinned by a belief that value is most easily realised by analysing every sample in every well. Our suite of RockSCREEN™ services provides a rich stream of data that allow us to assess detailed physical and chemical changes throughout the entire well section.

rockscreen profile analysis
Full wellbore downhole RockSCREEN™ profile of a well displaying XRF-derived chemical lithotypes, stacked PhotoSTRAT™ images and image-derived colour curves, highlighting a range of key stratigraphic changes.


Capturing high-resolution images of every cuttings sample offers a visual geological insight that wireline logs are not able to provide.

Being able to see rock from each stratigraphic unit gives the geoscientist a unique perspective on how conditions are changing downhole.

The applications of these data are wide-ranging, having resolved many petrophysical, sedimentological and drilling-related issues.



Rock sample visual geological properties.
Examples of individual PhotoSTRAT™ images allowing the geoscientist to observe each sample’s visual geological properties.

X-ray Fluorescence (XRF)

Elemental data derived from XRF analysis provide us with the fundamental downhole profiles we need to interpret key changes in depositional environment, sediment provenance and organic matter distribution.

With data from every sample, an extremely detailed understanding of these changes can be drawn, whether they are abrupt or gradational.

Well-to-well correlations are routinely constructed and combined with wireline logs to gain a deeper perception of both local and regional variation.

rock sample in the well collected using XRF

An integrated data display of well 35/19-1 from offshore Ireland illustrating individual cuttings images of varying lithologies, a stack of all of the available images from the well and a selection of elemental ratio for every sample in the well collected using XRF.

Magnetic Susceptibility

By measuring the extent to which a material will be magnetised in relation to an applied magnetic field (magnetic susceptibility), we are able to add another independently acquired layer of data to the RockSCREEN™ package.

With implications for permeability, porosity and lithology, magnetic susceptibility data is a tool used to evaluate detailed reservoir-scale variations in mineralogy and flow characteristics.

Well correlation panel illustrating full wellbore downhole profiles containing magnetic susceptibility data measured from each cuttings sample.

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