X-ray Diffraction (XRD) is considered to be the gold standard of all mineral identification/quantification techniques. Powdered rock samples are bombarded by X-rays over a range of angles to determine the different crystal structures present in a sample, which are distinguished as different minerals. This facilitates the identification and semi-quantitative measurement of minerals including clays in bulk rock assemblages. Our XRD service is capable of delivering high-accuracy mineralogical data from every available rock sample from the wellbore.

Careful sample preparation is fundamental to producing high quality XRD data. Rockwash uses robust procedures for sample preparation including the latest spray drying method for random powder xrd sample preparation samples. Calibration checks are regularly carried out with a standard reference to monitor for instrument sensitivity and drift.

Using brand new machines, our specialised team are able to identify and quantify the minerals present in the sample, employing a standardised reporting structure that makes reference to 37 key minerals as well as quantifying non-crystalline (amorphous) material. Both the whole particle size rock and clay fraction determination can be undertaken.

Alongside our RockSCREEN™ services, XRD adds a much greater level of mineralogical detail, enabling our clients to make an accurate interpretation of reservoir quality and overburden competence.

XRD data rock samples
Example of XRD data captured from every sample in a well displayed alongside XRF-derived chemical lithotypes and oxides. Call our experts to learn more!

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